EnCompass™ Surgical Room Monitoring Program

Help ensure your team delivers the cleaning and disinfection results you expect with Ecolab’s patented EnCompass™ Monitoring Program that uses the DAZO® fluorescent gel to objectively measure the thoroughness of disinfection cleaning on critical surfaces.
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EnCompass Monitoring Program
A Programmatic Approach to Environmental Hygiene

Following extensive research in the area, the renowned American infectious diseases expert, Dr Philip Carling, created the concept of a programmatic approach to environmental hygiene to illustrate the issues and provide a platform for a monitoring and training system.

1. Previously contaminated rooms increase transmission risk

2. Many patient rooms are not well cleaned

3. Cleaning can be programmatically improved

4. Improved cleaning decreases environmental contamination

5. Improved cleaning decreases acquisition of pathogens

Measuring Results and Delivering Outcomes

Recent studies show the environment to be a contributing factor to the spread of pathogens to patients, and should be an area of focus in a complete infection prevention program. The new CDC Toolkit: Options for Evaluating Environmental Cleaning, acknowledges the environment’s role in the spread of infections, and the need to take preventative action to continuously evaluate and improve environmental cleaning to reduce associated risks.

  • In peer reviewed studies, DAZO® Fluorescent marking gel is the most widely used and accepted environmental monitoring tool (Studies available upon request)
  • DAZO® provides objective evaluation of critical cleaning outcomes
  • Real-time, online cleanliness reports help drive continuous improvement and provide compliance with current recommendations