Eye wash station with fountain tops removed and free flowing water pouring over a polished sink.

Eyewash Station and Supplies

Neutralize accidents in the workplace with our eye wash stations, coordinating products and sterile, saline solutions. Our eye wash products are specially formulated to help sooth eyes infected with acidic or caustic contaminants. Help ensure employee safety, avoid hazardous mishaps and protect your workforce with these eye wash supplies.

Eye Wash for the Workplace

Ecolab offers commercial-grade eye wash supplies, kits, and education materials for your food safety programs. Workers will be able to flush away accidental chemical exposures and hazardous materials that can cause injury.

Eye Wash Education

Educational materials are essential to ensure workers understand and practice proper first aid safety and food safety guidelines. Signs and manuals are highly visible, simple to understand, and will help workers quickly locate the eye wash station in case of an energy. Eye wash education materials are made from tear-resistant plastic to serve as a reminder to keep the area clear of all obstacles.