Desktop, tablet and smartphone displaying Ecolab's Food Intelligence application

Foodservice Intelligence Powered by ECOLAB3D™

Get Insights. Take Action. Capture Value.

Ecolab provides critical visibility and insight into restaurant operations to help drive customer’s performance. Foodservice Intelligence Powered by ECOLAB3D™ uses digitally enabled solutions to collect and analyze data into actionable alerts for restaurant staff, the corporate office and the Ecolab service team. Providing action-oriented reporting, benchmarking and alerting, the at-a-glance dashboard allows customers to see trends across locations and work shifts to help address risks and drive compliance.

Driving Outcomes That Matter

Watch this short video to help learn how we are driving outcomes that matter most to your business. By connecting data to actions, Foodservice Intelligence is a personalized experience able to provide insights that will increase your operational efficiency.

Image of the features of Ecolab's On-demand Digital Training

Learn How We Can Power Smarter Performance Together

Unlock visibility across your organization to perform at your potential.

  • Unit-level improvement
  • Corporate-wide performance
  • Data-driven service and support
Foodservice Intelligence Powered by Ecolab

Highlights where, when and what issues you may have


See how all your locations are performing compared to your goals


Identify the locations that need the most attention


Select a specific location to help pinpoint risks and recommend training

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Foodservice Intelligence is an analytics platform
that harnesses data and unlocks insights
helping drive smarter performance

Icon displaying Mitigate

Proactively mitigate risks to protect your guests, staff, and business continuity.

Icon displaying Operations

Drive consistent operational performance and power labor efficiently.

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Deliver clean experiences that inspire confidence and loyalty — every time.

Here’s How It Works

Digitally enabled solutions collect and analyze data providing actionable insights that help you increase operational efficiency.
360˚visibility across your organization and precision intelligence at each level.

Learn more about the product that powers Foodservice Intelligence:
Sink & Surface Sanitizer Cleaner, SMARTPOWER™, and Nexa Hand Hygiene System

Ecolab Foodservice Intelligence How It works for Restaurant Staff, Corporate Offices, and Ecolab Service and Support
Ecolab smartpower glassware


Reduce rack usage in your commercial dish room with the latest in foodservice warewashing innovation from Ecolab.
Two Nexa hand hygiene dispensers on a tile wall with an automatic dispensing sensor and manual pump.

NEXA™ Hand Hygiene System

Connect dispensers with any needed Ecolab hand hygiene product, from liquid and foam hand soaps to hand sanitizers, lotions and body shampoos, all from the same unit making changing of products easy.
Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer group of products

Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer

This simplified food-contact sanitizer cleans and sanitizes hard, non-porous surfaces with a single product, eliminates the rinse step, and equips your staff to clean more efficiently.

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