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Proper hand hygiene can help prevent the spread of infection and foodborne pathogens to keep your employees and guests safe and healthy. Our hand hygiene system combines effective chemistry with technology and expert training to help drive compliance.

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hand hygiene Brochures

Hand Hygiene brochure
Food Service

In the foodservice industry, your success depends on the safety of the food you serve. Establishing proper handwashing procedures is one of the easiest ways for you to reduce the risk of food contamination and prevent the spread of foodborne illness.

hand hygiene brochure

In the hospitality industry, protecting the health of your guests is essential to ensuring their satisfaction. Establishing a comprehensive hand washing program throughout your facility can help prevent the spread of illness among guests as well as employees for a healthier, more productive operation.

Hand Hygiene Brochure
Facility Care

In the facility care industry, your goal is to keep your building clean and safe for all who use it. Establishing a comprehensive hand care program throughout your facility can help prevent the spread of illness among occupants as well as guests. 

Hand Hygiene Brochure
Long Term Care

In long-term care facilities, your priority is the health and safety of your residents. Implementing effective handwashing practices is the first line of defense against the spread of infection throughout your community.