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Spray Equipment for cleanrooms

Ecolab's range of cleanroom equipment offers a choice of application techniques for applying the Klercide range of alcohols and biocides to larger surface areas enabling a significant reduction in biocide application times when compared to more traditional, manual processes such as mopping for walls and ceilings.

Why Opt for the SteriShield Delivery System (SDS) in Your Facility?

Currently accepted spray formats for dispensing cleanroom cleaning and disinfection solutions are limited.

Firstly, there are aerosols which have the benefit of a sealed system, making them compliant with regulations. But they tend to create a greater concentration of airborne alcohol than trigger sprays, and they need special storage and handling, incur high disposal costs and can be wasteful as they don’t dispense all product from the can.

Then there are trigger sprays, but these do not form a closed system and are unable to prevent air from being drawn back into the bottle, posing a risk of contaminating the contents of the bottle during use. This is applicable to both bag-in-bottle and standard trigger spray systems. This puts your product quality and compliance at risk due to potential loss of sterility of the contents and increases in-use cost.

The alternative is Ecolab’s Klercide product range, available with the Sterishield Delivery System, a unique closed dispensing system which ensures sterility of contents in use for up to three months after opening. A precision engineered pump system, lubricated with medical grade silicone, ensures air cannot enter via this route.

The bottle’s internal chemically resistant bag is sealed to the outer bottle, and is flexible to create a vacuum when solution is dispensed.  The ergonomically designed trigger is designed to provide ease of use and consistency for every operator and the shroud is smooth and simple, to make it easy to disinfect.  The adjustable spray nozzle allows for a variable spray pattern suitable for the type of cleaning and disinfection process being carried out.  Prior to dispensing, the product solution is stored in the sealed trigger head chamber before being projected through the 0.2 micron filter in the nozzle as the trigger is pulled. The larger spray droplet size reduces atmospheric concentration of alcohol.

The SteriShield Delivery System is the only closed and validated trigger spray system providing the key requirements of:

  • Health and Safety
  • Product Quality
  • Use Cost
  • Regulatory Compliance

...and peace of mind.

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