Stackhouse VitalVac Smoke Evacuator

Stackhouse Smoke Evacuator

No system offers the unique combination of design and innovation advantages found in the VitalVac. First on the market, no means of filter status monitoring compares to the technological advantage of the VitalVac microchip sensor. Reduce patient recovery time, patients don't suffer from smoke that can get into their bloodstream during procedures.
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Equipment Details

  • Procedure specific settings for laparoscopic, laser fulguration and other surgeries
  • Clinical guide provides recommended settings up to 40 cfm for each procedure
  • Guide specific proper tubing for fan speed eliminating a common operational error
  • Effective evacuation of plumes and hazardous carbon dioxide is assured
  • Microchip sensor monitors total time of use for the filter
  • Microchip stores data of total hours of use and remaining lifespan even when filter is removed for cleaning
  • Prevents unnecessary replacement of filters to reduce costs
  • Proprietary filter combines pre-filter, activated charcoal stage and ULPA filter into a single unit for faster, easier filter change and enhanced cost efficiency.