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Wastewater DAF treatment

Wastewater Monitoring & Control

With growing pressures to meet discharge water quality standards while reducing total cost of operations and maximizing operational performance, you need smart wastewater treatment solutions. Nalco Water’s new technology and deep experience can help you achieve environmental compliance at the lowest total cost.

Our proven wastewater treatment protects your brand

Advanced Polymer Activation
Smart Dose & Application Technologies
Data Intelligence
Advanced Polymer Activation
  • Patented, automated solutions
  • Compact, low maintenance, simpler & safer to handle
  • Easy installation & startup
  • GRAS, NSF & CFIA compliant chemistry
Smart Dose & Application Technologies
  • Patented 3D TRASAR™ performance & flow-based solutions
  • Advanced solutions for clarifier, DAF and dewatering operations
  • Mixing technologies, such as PARETO™ & FLOCMASTER™, maximize chemical effectiveness
System Assurance Center
SYstem Assurance Center
Web Platform
  • Dynamic visual dashboard
  • Continuous & automatic controls
  • Critical data viability & customized reports
Nalco-Water-Sales Associate
Commitment to Service Excellence & Safety
  • Close partnership to understand your unique processes
  • Focused on meeting your discharge water quality standards
  • Committed to maximizing operational performance and workplace safety