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Consumer Goods Forum 2016 Global Summit

Global Summit Special Session • 15 June • 10:00 a.m.

Join us for a presentation by Christophe Beck, executive vice president, Ecolab and president, Nalco Water.

"Internet of Things: Hype vs. Reality. How to Turn Data into Actionable Insights that Deliver Value."

7 Ways to Help Protect What's Vital in Cape Town
Cape Town is quickly becoming one of the most sustainable cities in the world. In light of Cape Town’s sustainability goals, it’s fitting that the Consumer Goods Forum has chosen to celebrate its 60th anniversary by making this years Global Summit more sustainable. While attending the Summit, we invite you to do your part to help the city preserve the limited resources that are vital to the region's prosperity and have included a list of things to do, see and enjoy in Cape Town that will help protect the environmental health of the area. 
Visit us in our I-zone booth

Ecolab is proud to support the Global Summit through our participation at the Special Session and in the I-Zone, June 15-17, 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa.

Companies who learn to use the extensive amounts of data now available will be those who succeed and lead. True value comes from leveraging data to deliver business outcomes. Visit us at our I-Zone booth to learn more.

We're Virtually Everywhere
Our network technology allows us to serve customers in 1 million locations globally, leading to real-time solutions that increase their bottom line.
Together We Do What's Right
In the midst of increased demand our sustainable products and practices help businesses be transparent, leading to improved reputation, revenue, and results.
We're Inspired By Big Challenges
The intelligence and curiosity of our team leads to food safety and water conservation solutions that help meet the increasing demands of the global economy.
We're Virtually Everywhere

Collaborating with Microsoft 

Smart, connected systems are revolutionizing every function throughout the value chain. The vast amount of data at our fingertips presents numerous opportunities, but also a unique set of challenges.

Together We Do What's Right

Collaborating with Costco

Meeting growing demands for goods and services, while ensuring long-term vitality for business, their communities and the environment creates unique opportunities and challenges. Our customers can count on us to tackle these complex problems, ensuring their reputation is protected as their business grows.

We're Inspired By Big Challenges

Collaborating with Carlsberg Group

With more than 1,300 scientists around the world, we study and improve food safety and engineer systems that conserve our water supply. Our team leverages chemistry, equipment, packaging, dispensing and expertise, using only what’s needed, to produce superior results.