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Digital transformation is changing how we think, act and work. It is accelerating the pace of change in industry as manufacturers embrace new technologies to better anticipate customer demands, produce more efficiently and make smarter, faster decisions.

Nalco Water brings the power of digital technology together with innovative solutions for industrial water treatment in the ECOLAB3D digital platform.

ECOLAB3D is a secure cloud-based digital platform that enables customers to minimize water for maximized results at optimized costs.

ECOLAB3D collects data from Ecolab’s monitoring systems, automation tools, and other systems to enable enterprise visibility and deliver real-time alerts and prescriptive recommendations. The ECOLAB3D platform enables customized solutions & digital services that address the specific business needs of our customers.

The digital services within the ECOLAB3D platform enable customized views to address specific applications or customer outcomes.  ECOLAB3D offerings deliver data-driven insights to help customers gain greater visibility into their operations enabling faster responses and more informed decisions. 

Combined with our industry leading service, System Assurance Center and field expertise, Nalco Water customers on the ECOLAB3D platform get solutions and corrective action faster, improve unplanned downtime and avoid costly maintenance issues. 

Platform Benefits

Real-Time Monitoring

Prioritize Resources

Detect Anomalies & Find Insights

Enterprise Rollups & Drilldowns

Benchmark & Optimize

Powered by ECOLAB3D
Water Quality
Water Quality

Enables quick identification of performance concerns to optimize asset performance.

Water Safety Intelligence
Water Safety Intelligence

Actionable insight into risk for Legionella growth and the effectiveness of your Water Management Program.

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Predicts heat exchanger performance issues in order to operate more efficiently and save money in water, energy, and production cost.

Financial Impact
Financial Impact

Provides visibility to enterprise TCO savings and tools to reach the goal with confidence.