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Woman and Child wearing mask to prevent flu

Flu Prevention Solutions

Each year between approximately 3 and 11 percent of the United States population get the flu, resulting in time off work as well as losses to production.
Flu Knows no boundaries

Flu affects millions of people each year, and 2018 is no different. Ecolab can help. Our hand hygiene products and surface cleaning solutions help minimize your risk of contracting the flu.

Fight the flu bug
Fight the Flu bug

The flu is a contagious respiratory infection, generally transmitted through human-to-human contact, accompanied by fever and often with respiratory complications.

How can you reduce the risk of influenza?

The best solution is to protect yourself by reducing the chance of virus transmission. These 6 steps can help minimize the risk of catching the flu or passing it onto others.

Solutions to Help Minimize the Risk of Influenza

Proper Hand Hygiene Demonstration in Hospital
hand hygiene solutions

We provide a hand hygiene program that combines bacteria-killing chemistry with technology and training, making your hand cleaning habits efficient and simple.

cleaning and disinfecting Solutions

We offer EPA-registered disinfectants that simplify the cleaning process – along with flexible training, tools, and innovative dispensing systems – to help ensure clean, safe and healthy environments.