Customer Service New Phone-In Lead Form

For use only by Ecolab Customer Service. If you have arrived on this page by mistake, please call Customer Service at 1-800-352-5326

Customer Information
Select the division that should follow through on this lead.
Verify in Mainframe/SAP that the Caller does not have a current Customer Number. If they have a current Customer Number, Send an ESR message to the Rep, instead of completing this form.
If YES, then send an ESR message to the rep and continue the interview and form. If NO, continue the interview and form.
Write the name of the Rep mentioned by the Prospect and to whom the ESR message has been sent.

Add additional information about the customer and their need/request, specifically the area of product interest. Please add any and all information that will help the field associate serve the customer promptly.
If Institutional, ask the prospect if they use a foodservice distributor or lodging supply partner and note the name of the partner in this field.
Ask the Customer which sales and marketing channel brought them to inquire today.

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