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Ecolab Flu Prevention - 7 Ways to Minimize Exposure

Public Health Matters:
Flu Prevention

It is estimated that between 37 and 43 million people were sick with influenza last flu season.*

Let Ecolab help you take everyday preventive actions this season to help reduce the spread of flu within your workplace, protecting your facility and those in it.


How to Fight the Flu

Learn more about influenza and how an Ecolab partnership will help you create a clean and healthy environment.
Cover of Influenza Prevention for Education Kit
Influenza Prevention Kit for Education, K-12
Cover of the Flu Prevention in Restaurants brochure with a photo of two chefs cooking in a clean kitchen.
Influenza Prevention Kit for Restaurants
Cover of Flu Prevention Brochure with a picture of a happy white man at a table with his peers
Influenza Prevention Kit for Long Term Care
Ecolab Helps Protect Against the Flu

Influenza affects millions of people each year, and this year is no different. Ecolab helps protect you and your loved ones against the flu.

Flu Prevention Webinar

Learn proactive measures you can take to help reduce the risk of influenza and protect your employees, guests and residents.


Ecolab Solutions to help Minimize the Risk of Influenza

hand hygiene solutions

Effective chemistry combined with technology and training for your foodservice, lodging, facility or long term care industry.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions

EPA-registered industrial cleaning products and disinfectants that are effective against flu and other pathogens. 

Ecolab Healthcare Cleaning Solutions
healthcare solutions

Hand hygiene and surface cleaning solutions for flu prevention in hospitals and acute care environments.

Microbial Risk

Learn more about influenza and other microbial risks from our experts.