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Synergex is a first line of defense against biofilm

What is Biofilm?

Improve your food safety and product quality metrics with Synergex™ EPA-Registered Sanitizer and Disinfectant — is the first product to receive U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval for efficacy against biofilms with no rinse required.

*U.S. EPA Reg. No. 1677-250

The Science of Synergex

Watch how Synergex penetrates and kills biofilms on hard, non-porous food contact surfaces — helping to protect product quality and improving food safety.


What Exactly Is “Biofilm”? 

Biofilm: a complex structured community of bacteria and other microorganisms that attaches to a surface. The population of a biofilm often undergoes morphological and metabolic changes, enabling microorganisms to survive in an otherwise inhospitable environment.* 

* Costerton et al, 1995. Ann Rev. Microbiol. 49: 711-745 
Shi and Zhu, 2009. Trends in Food Sci. and Technol. 20: 407-413 


How Biofilm Forms and Disperses

The formation and dispersion of biofilms

Planktonic bacteria adhere and attach to surfaces.

The formation and dispersion of biofilms

The bacteria bind to surfaces and form a microcolony allowing microorganisms to populate.

The formation and dispersion of biofilms

Organisms can disperse from the biofilm and establish new biofilm communities.

Synergex is a first line of defense against biofilm
Biofilms: Threat to Product Quality

Is biofilm impacting your operation? Learn ways to identify the warning signs through analytics, sensory evaluation and finished product indicators.


Synergex is a first line of defense against biofilms
Synergex™ Earns EPA Biofilm Kill Claim for Food Contact Surfaces

A biofilm kill claim for food contact surfaces was desperately needed. With no approved test method available, Ecolab partnered with the EPA to develop a food contact surface biofilm test method. Learn more about the development of the test, and how Synergex measures up.