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EcoSure Employee and Customer Safety

EcoSure Employee and customer Safety

EcoSure safety evaluations help identify and reduce safety hazards—protecting your customers and employees from injuries in your facilities and protecting the reputation of your brand.

EcoSure experts conduct comprehensive audits of physical, structural, electrical and chemical liabilities, such as of the following, and partner with you to develop solutions to reduce risks and promote a culture of safety in the workplace. 

  • Slip and fall hazards
  • Chemical storage and usage safety
  • Cut and burn hazards
  • Ladder safety
  • Fire safety
  • Emergency training
  • Exterior safety

Program Features:

EcoSure safety programs feature onsite assessments, expert coaching and training, dedicated account management and data-driven insights and solutions. 

Detailed onsite assessments:

  • Expert field specialists conduct comprehensive on-site assessments
  • Expose safety risks and gain consistent visibility across operations

Coaching, training and expert consultation:

  • Drive behavior changes to improve safety and promote a culture of safety in the workplace

Awareness, data-driven insights and recommended corrective actions:

  • Drive results with trend analysis and in-depth program reviews 
  • Dedicated account management team committed to protecting your customers, employee and reputation

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