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We understand the importance of keeping pests out of your hotel. All it takes is a single incident to put your reputation at risk. The experts at Ecolab will give you peace of mind in keeping your property free of pests.

We protect hotel brands, big and small, across the globe.  We understand how pests can damage your reputation - that's why controlling pests is never enough. The standard must be nothing less than elimination.


See Where Your Risks Are Hiding

Your Hotel is constantly evolving. Renovations, upgrades and expansions add new features and incorporate everything from new materials to completely new design strategies. All of this change presents potential new risks and challenges for facility management and cleaning.

Click around the interactive infographic to see potential risks - and learn about solutions.


Tools To Help Reopen Your Hotel During COVID-19

As businesses welcome guests to their facilities, Pest Elimination is especially critical due to heightened public sensitivity to cleanliness and increased social media activity. Under current conditions, a pest sighting is a risk your brand can’t afford.

bed bug industry report
Download The Bed Bug Industry Report
Today’s guests have a heightened awareness and sensitivity to cleanliness, which means pest sightings may become even more damaging than they were previously. And in the case of bed bugs, the damage goes well beyond losing one guest’s future business. Read this new Ecolab Industry Report to learn about the three key industry trends that are associated with the risk of Bed Bug costs and learn four smart strategies to reduce the risk and cost.
Service Specialist talking with housekeeper.
HotelProtect Program for Pest Elimination
Ecolab’s HotelProtectSM program uses an outside-in, proactive approach to pest management because we know that keeping pests out of your facility is the first step to an effective pest program. Our program provides comprehensive protection against common pests and proactive options against bed bugs.
Hotel Protect brochure
Download the Hotel Protect Brochure


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