Pest management and fumigation for mills

pest management solutions for milling

As the food-chain link between grain bins and processing plants, milling operations face both the potential insect issues of incoming grains and the food safety audits of outgoing milled product. Understanding the impact this can have on production, Ecolab provides the latest technologies and methodologies to integrate pest management and specialized fumigation for mills for a total solution.

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Ecolab Pest Elimination serves the Hospitality, Foodservice, Food & Beverage, Food Retail, and Healthcare industries, as well as Government, Educational and other Commercial facilities.

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Pulse fumigation directly targets microenvironments.
today's fumigation technology

While fumigation and fogging are essential to pest control in milling, today’s technological advances can greatly reduce the required shutdown time. With Ecolab’s integrated Pulse Fumigation System, fumigant is injected directly into microenvironments where pests harbor, minimizing downtime and maximizing safety.

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Inspecting for pests
Food Safety Pest Management

With complete pest elimination services designed for stored grains in milling facilities, we adhere to all regulatory, customer, and third-party requirements to ensure the food safety of your grain and the protection of your brand.



our offerings

Industry leading fumigation expertise to protect your business.

We provide industry leading fumigation expertise to protect your business. Our unmatched technology combined with safe and professional services deliver unparalleled value for our customers by better safeguarding the food supply. 

stored product pests

Stored product pests breed and feed on or in grains, seeds and other stored products, damaging and destroying the foods so they are no longer fit for consumption. They can impact your business in many ways including product loss, lost production time, audit score deductions and reputation. By partnering with Ecolab we can help implement a proactive program to help prevent stored product pests in your facilities.