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Making Every Drop Count


Around the world, water shortages are triggering growing concern and an acceleration of efforts to increase water use efficiency. In California, water use reduction guidelines have been issued for institutional users – each user must reduce total water use by 20 percent over three years. When site management at a commercial office building with Energy Star designation recognized they’d need new technology to meet the goal, they came to us.

We audited their site, and found that because of high hardness and alkalinity in the city makeup water, normal cooling tower operation was running at 3.3 cycles of concentration. Using 3D TRASAR™ Water Saver Technology, which consists of on-line electrochemical softening equipment, control technology and a chemical program, we were able to increase cycles to an average of 11.1, reducing blowdown while maintaining efficient operation of the chiller system.

Our technology increases water savings from cooling towers without risking damage to equipment and assets.

263,450 gallons saved in three months

Ultimately, we reduced tower blowdown by 22 percent, saving over 263,450 gallons in the first three months. In addition, the increased cycles resulted in a reduction of scale and corrosion chemical feed, as well as biocide demand, reducing the total chemical footprint of the building.

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