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For 43 years, Mama’s Fish House on the North coast of Maui has been a regular on “best restaurant” lists and is consistently rated by diners among the top restaurants in the U.S. Quality continues to be the motto in every aspect of the operation and clean, sparkling glassware is critical to delivering the splendid experience Mama’s aim to provide each guest.
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Ecolab's field service team proactively partnered with Mama's Executive Chef to trial the new SMARTPOWER™ digital warewashing innovation. With the SMARTPOWER™ chemistry, Mama's saw much improved results, but staff was still hand polishing to achieve perfection. To elevate results even further, our service team enlisted data and insights from the SMARTPOWER™ controller to determine the missing link. Through this insight, we revealed to Mama's that wash-tank change-outs weren't happening. When the wash-tank water was changed, the glasses required no additional hand polishing—making the Executive Chef a true believer in SMARTPOWER™. 

Infographic - 2,394 hours of labor savings $24,000 in cost savings 145,000+ gallons annual water savings $750 cost savings 11,000kWh annual water savings $3,000 cost savings 17 percent rack reduction Decreased solid waste Reduced accident and injury risk
“Since we started using SMARTPOWER, the quality of glassware results has been the best we’ve seen so far. In addition, Ecolab’s whole team has been diligent and passionate about making sure our needs are met.”

— Perry Bateman, Executive Chef


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Delight your guests, protect your reputation and optimize your operations with SMARTPOWER™.

  • Reduced rewashing
  • Decreased hand polishing
  • Visibility into operations
  • Sustainable, safe, superior performance