Every customer challenge is unique — as is Ecolab’s ability to help them do more with less. Every day, our 25,000 field associates employ a rigorous process to gather data, apply advanced technology, rethink processes and provide sustainable solutions. We measure our impact using our proprietary eROISM value approach which measures the economic, operational and environmental impact of our solutions, demonstrating the exponential value we deliver to our customers.

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With unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology, we partner with customers to deliver world-class results and optimized operations. Contact us to learn how we can help you.


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When economic and environmental benefits align, real and lasting change is accelerated for our customers and the world. These customer stories are great examples of how we’re Doing Better Together.

Retail and services case studies

Cool Rooms on Hot Nights 

What did a Hyatt in India do when its water supply was abruptly cut off due to a municipal water shortage? They turned to Ecolab for help.

Read more on page eight of the Ecolab 2016 Sustainability Report.

A New Global Partnership Begins in the Kitchen

An international retail company is minimizing the total impact of its dishwash operations — using 69,000 lbs less plastic and 2,200 lbs less paper — through its Ecolab partnership.

Read more on page 10 of the Ecolab 2016 Sustainability Report.

The Right Laundry Solution Yields Savings and Guest Satisfaction

When a hospitality company wanted to improve the efficiency of its cleaning operation, Ecolab identified enhancements that led to projected annual savings of $446,000.

Read more on page 11 of the Ecolab 2016 Sustainability Report.

Production and Manufacturing case studies

Organic Waste
From Organic Waste to Energy without Wasting Water or Sludge Cake

A plant that converts organic waste into electricity, green gas and biomass reduced industrial process water use by 85 percent while maintaining critical system reliability.

Read more on page 12 of the Ecolab 2016 Sustainability Report.

Paper Mill
Swedish Paper Mill Wrings Out Water and Generates Savings

To help a large pulp and paper mill in Sweden improve its operations, Nalco Water identified a dewatering solution that reduced water use by 10.6 million gallons and led to $228,000 in annual savings.

Read more on page 14 of the Ecolab 2016 Sustainability Report.

Italian Meat
Italian Meat Processor Reduces Water and Energy Use, Captures Cost Savings

Water is a precious resource when processing 40,000 tons of meat per year. Nalco Water helped the company save 3.7 million gallons of water while capturing additional efficiencies.

Read more on page 15 of the Ecolab 2016 Sustainability Report.

Raw materials and ingredient processing case studies

Dow Plant in Spain Turns to Reclaimed Water for Cooling Solution

After partnering with Nalco Champion, Dow’s cooling tower now uses up to 40 percent reclaimed municipal water and has reduced chemical usage by 23 percent.

Read more on page 16 of the Ecolab 2016 Sustainability Report.

Power Plant
Mexican Power Plant Turns to Reuse and Exceeds Water Savings Goals

A customized approach to minimize water use and prevent scaling helped the power plant save 647 million gallons of water and 125,000 kWh of energy.

Read more on page 18 of the Ecolab 2016 Sustainability Report.

Polyester Plant
Polyester Plant Cools Down and Reduces Wetlands Discharge

To reduce the amount of cooling tower blowdown sent to the local wastewater treatment plant, the Nalco Water team implemented cooling water treatment solutions that saved 29 million gallons of water.

Read more on page 19 of the Ecolab 2016 Sustainability Report.

Learn more in the Partnering section on page six of the Ecolab 2016 Sustainability Report.