Mosquito bites are a real source of irritation and impact guest satisfaction. They are also an increasing risk to health as mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as Zika virus, dengue, yellow fever, malaria and others. Partner with Ecolab to eliminate mosquito breeding sites to proactively reduce the risk of bites.
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Ecolab Pest Elimination serves the Hospitality, Foodservice, Food & Beverage, Food Retail, and Healthcare industries, as well as Government, Educational and other Commercial facilities.


Taking the Bite Out Of Mosquitoes

NoMosquitosSmallImagenobackgroundMedia coverage on the spread of Zika virus, dengue and many other viruses as well as the link to microcephaly is impacting public perception of mosquitoes. Customers are concerned about their risk and are demanding more proactive and effective measures.

Ecolab’s science-based Mosquito Program can help you reduce the risk of mosquito bites at your site through a comprehensive three-step program. Across field tests our enhanced mosquito program helped reduce mosquito pressure by up to 89%.

Ecolab's Mosquito Program entails:

  • INSPECT: thorough site inspection for current or potential mosquito activity, breeding and harborage sites.
  • PREVENT: provide recommendations and target breeding sites with treatments that kill larvae and prevent mosquito larvae from ever developing.
  • PROTECT: provide treatments to potential adult resting sites that help provide long lasting protection against mosquitoes.

Our multifaceted, IPM approach addresses both the potential breeding sites and locations where adults rest. The process starts with a comprehensive site survey followed by staff training on steps you can take to eliminate potential breeding sites. If service is needed, we will develop a customized plan utilizing a full range of treatment methods that both maximize efficacy and have minimal environmental impact.

When you partner with Ecolab you can be confident you are getting innovative, science-based solutions delivered by rigorously trained pest specialists who deliver consistent and precise execution of service protocols; actionable insights to proactively prevent pest risk; customer support 24/7/365; and a strong commitment to customer partnership. Together, we protect success.

When is Your Mosquito Season  Map of U.S.
Mosquito Season In The U.S.

This infographic provides details on when mosquitoes are most active in your state.

Ecolab Pest Service Specialist performing proactive mosquito control.
Proactive Pest Management Reduces Mosquitoes 
Learn how Ecolab’s proactive Mosquito Program helped one Rio De Janeiro resort reduce customer complaints and the mosquito population.
mosquitoes are a threat

This infographic provides information on Zika Virus, a mosquito-borne disease. You will also learn how to mitigate risk with prevention tactics and get help from the pest experts at Ecolab.

Zika Virus Webinar - Recording

Watch a recording of the May 2017 Zika Virus Webinar to learn the latest facts around Zika Virus and how you can reduce your risk of disease transmission through a proactive mosquito prevention program.