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    Proven quality assurance – three words that can make all the difference to your business. Trusted by leading foodservice and hospitality firms, EcoSure provides customized, comprehensive onsite evaluations and training to help our customers maintain the highest standards of food and workplace safety, guest experience and brand protection. In addition, Web reporting allows customers to manage, track and reinforce the right behavior across their locations. Working together, we'll help you deliver results in food safety and brand protection every year.

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    Equipment Care

    We provide 24/7 service and parts for commercial cooking, refrigeration, warewashing and other specialty foodservice equipment. We have the single-point solution for all your commercial kitchen equipment maintenance and repair needs.

    As a dedicated business partner, we strive to deliver same day commercial kitchen repairs, comprehensive service solutions and parts on-demand for all major OEM kitchen equipment brands.

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    Facility Cleaning

    Ecolab offers comprehensive cleaning and sanitation programs that deliver expertise in facility care with the service and training to help you achieve consistent outcomes. Ecolab's focus on service, commitment to innovation and dedication to providing comprehensive facility cleaning solutions make Ecolab a partner you can count on everywhere it matters.

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    Food Retail Solutions

    Through its KAY® division, Ecolab provides a wide variety of market-specific products, customized solutions, service, training and audits — all focused on elevating our customers’ food safety practices and operational efficiency.

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    Food Safety Specialties

    From preventing cross-contamination at animal production and food processing facilities to providing hand hygiene programs for restaurant employees, we help our customers provide consumers with safe food – and the confidence to eat and drink anything, anywhere.

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    Foodservice Water Management

    Get a comprehensive and customized managed water quality program that meets your business' needs, maximizes resource efficiency and minimizes overall costs and environmental impact.

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    Front and Back of House

    From the front of the house to the back, Ecolab has cleaning systems that fit our customers' unique needs.  For example, Wash ‘n Walk® is an enzyme-based, no-rinse floor cleaner that eats the grease off floor tiles and grout, creating increased friction and ultimately helping reduce the chance of slips and falls. Our Grease Express™ Program features products that quickly penetrate stuck-on kitchen grease and is popular among restaurant and foodservice operators. For the foodservice kitchen, we also offer a variety of general cleaning products that polish surfaces, remove stains and clean equipment. And our Hand Hygiene Program features gentle yet effective hand soaps and sanitizers that help ensure hands are properly cleaned.

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    Housekeeping — Guest Rooms

    Your success depends on delivering guest satisfaction in a safe, efficient manner. Ecolab's impact extends beyond chemistry to critical areas that matter throughout your operation. Our goal is to help you measure, improve and maintain these critical drivers of your hotel's success.

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    HVAC Performance Services

    In today’s world, facility managers are becoming more aware that delivering cost-effective clean air in facilities is becoming more challenging. Responsible managers are looking for opportunities to improve indoor air quality while reducing HVAC fan energy cost and filter spend. Our HVAC Performance Services save our customers energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the environment.

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    To remain competitive, on-premise and commercial laundries are working to make their operations highly efficient and cost-effective. All while striving to sustain the environment and deliver impeccably clean products. As your partner for success, we'll provide the full-cycle solutions you need to get the best operational results at the lowest overall cost.

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    Pest Elimination

    When you partner with Ecolab Pest Elimination, you can have confidence your business and people are protected from pests. Industry-leading, science-based solutions are personally delivered by our highly-trained service specialists. You can trust Ecolab is always there helping you at each and every location.

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    Pool and Spa Solutions

    We can deliver a clear, balanced water program for pools and spas at the lowest total operating cost.

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    NRA Show 2013

    Missed Us At The 2013 National Restaurant Association Show?

    We were excited to be exhibiting at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Illinois May 18-21, 2013. If you missed the show, take a look at our solutions and programs we featured at the show.

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    Choose from EPA-registered heavy-duty alkaline bathroom cleaners and disinfectants, multi-surface and glass cleaners, specialty cleaners and restroom cleaning tools.

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    Ecolab is the market leader in innovative warewashing systems that deliver the best results at the lowest total cost and environmental impact.   Our state-of-the-art  Apex™ Warewashing system provides spotless dishware, glassware and silverware helping to create a positive impact on guest experience and brand reputation. Additionally, our around the clock sales and service specialists educate your staff on cleaning and food safety procedures to reduce costs, optimize efficiency and decrease water and energy usage.

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    OEM Healthcare

    Ecolab Healthcare GIS serves as your global partner for medical device design and manufacturing for the gamut of healthcare industries while offering a complete, single-source approach. We provide OEM and private label solutions for numerous markets:

    • Hospitals
    • Dental practices
    • Medical facilities
    • Laboratories
    • Dialysis centers
    • Pharmaceuticals & cosmetics

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    Water Safety

    In today’s world, facility managers are becoming more aware that the water running through their building systems can represent a risk. Responsible managers are now meeting the challenge of preventing pathogen contamination in the water used in their facilities.

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  • CoolingTower

    Water Treatment

    By offering fully integrated solutions linking water, energy and waste usage with cleaning and sanitation, our influent-to-effluent management approach provides custom chemical programs, innovative technology and advanced equipment, allowing you to reduce energy consumption, use less water, protect capital equipment and achieve total sustainability.

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