OptiPro™ Solid Rinse Agent

Recommended for use in automated washing equipment. OptiPro Solid Rinse Agent is developed for accelerated, spot-free drying based on a unique blend of surfactants and sequestering agents. It is suitable for ward utensils, containers and carts.

**Not for use as a medial device high level disinfectant or sterilant.
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Product Details

Feature Benefit
Advanced solidification and water conditioning technology Provides spot-free and film-free rinsing of carts in a wide range of water conditions
Advanced surfactant formulation Promotes accelerated drying of carts, containers and utensils
Safe for use on all types of metals Compatible with aluminum, zinc, non-ferrous metals and other delicate materials
Lightweight blocks Easy to store, transport and load
Reduced packaging  Minimizes waste
Color and shape coded solid block Avoids chemical errors
Sustainable formula Phosphate-free formula reduces the potential for environmental impact
Product Size Part Number
0.907 kg (2 lb) 6000123