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We can help you develop a customized program based on your water conditions. Each program is backed by Ecolab’s trusted experience and unparalleled service. Our innovative systems are flexible to meet your growing business needs and come standard with installation, scheduled filter replacements and system maintenance.
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What Can Water Filtration Do For Your Business?

Improve Customer and Guest Satisfaction with Better Beverage Quality

  • Reduce “off” tastes and odors
  • Improve overall beverage quality
  • Help ensure proper carbonation
  • Improve clarity of ice coming from your ice machine

Create Operational Efficiency

  • Help prevent scale buildup and corrosion
  • Reduce expensive service calls
  • Minimize downtime and energy consumption
  • Eliminate costly bottled water and related waste

Do You Have Water Treatment Already?
A program not managed properly is worse than no program at all — Ecolab’s Water Program includes regular water analysis and timely filter replacements conducted by our expert service specialists.





Ion Exchange
Ion Exchange

Minimize equipment downtime and maintenance costs due to scale buildup, addressing both upfront and long-term operating costs with Ecolab's Ion Exchange.

Filtration Benefits

  • Enhance guest satisfaction with clean and safe water
  • Minimize equipment downtime and maintenance costs due to scale buildup
  • Reduce both upfront and long-term operating costs

State-Of-The Art Technology

  • Ion exchange resin reduces total dissolved solids in water
  • Advanced materials of construction for durability
  • Sanitary, quick change cartridges – decrease downtime and risk of contamination
  • High dirt holding capacity reduces need for prefiltration
  • Low pressure drop optimizes equipment performance
Product Feature:
ECO-350 Filtration System 
Consider ECO-350 Filtration System for smaller applications to help customers address common water problems.
Water Solutions Customer Brochure

See how you can get expert service and peace of mind with Ecolab's Water Program.