Did You Know... Spring 2021

The Pest Monitor Newsletter

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  • Weevils will infest most types of grain, and if ingested, E. coli infection and other diseases can be contracted from weevils, depending on their diet. (Animalcorner.org)
  • Global requirements for the labeling of food allergens vary greatly from country to country, with many listing significantly more ingredients as allergens than the U.S. The Food Allergy Research and Resource Program provides a list of allergens by country.
  • What we know today as the National Pest Management Association was founded in 1933 as the National Association of Exterminators and Fumigators was established to support the professional pest control industry. The organization’s name was changed to National Pest Control Association (NPCA) in 1937, then changed control to management in 1999. (PMP)

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