International Association for Food Protection (iafp) 2019

Booth Number: 144

LOCATION: Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky

Ecolab is proud to be a participant in the 2019 IAFP Annual Meeting. This event is attended by more than 3,600 of the top industry, academic, and governmental food safety professionals from around the world and provides attendees with information on current and emerging food safety issues, the latest science, and innovative solutions to new and recurring problems.

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Event Details

 Exhibit Floor

Sunday, July 21 - Wednesday, July 23

Join us at Booth #144 to connect with Food Safety Experts and to better understand how we can partner with you to address your food safety challenges.


Premeeting Workshop

Friday, July 19 & Saturday, July 20

  • Jeremy Adler, PhD, Ecolab Senior Technical Support Coordinator: "Developing Environmental Monitoring Programs for Small and Midsize Processors"


Roundtable Panel

Tuesday, July 23 8:30am

  • Rick Stokes, Ecolab Area Technical Support Manager: "Supply Chain Verification of a Sanitation Program"


Technical Sessions

Wednesday, July 24

  • 9:15am - 9:30am, Jeremy Adler, PhD, Ecolab Senior Technical Support Coordinator: "Validation of Immersion Versus Electrostatic Spraying with Commercial Antimicrobials Against Unstressed and Acid-, Starvation-, or Cold-Stress Adapted Campylobacter jejuni on Broiler Wings, and Related Cost Effectiveness Analysis”

  • 11:45am - 12:15pm, Sima Hussein, Ecolab Director of Food Safety & Customer Standards: “Digital Analytic Tools for Improved Process Control, New Ways to Train, Drive, and Verify Sanitation Process Compliance”


Food Safety From Farm to Fork

Hear how Ecolab ensures food safety from farm to fork around the world to protect the food you eat.

Food Safety trends

Learn from Ecolab's Dr. Ruth Petran, VP of Food Safety and Public Health, on how consumer expectations are changing the way we think about food safety in her article "5 Ways We're Eating Differently and What That Means for Food Safety" 

Ecolab's Food Safety Training Programs

Ecolab offers a variety of Food Safety programs that help strengthen food processors' safety and quality programs. Our SQF and BRC consultants can help you get ready for your certification or re-certification audits by objectively testing your system.

Meet the ecolab experts at IAFP

Ruth Petran Headshot


Dr. Ruth Petran is Vice President of Food Safety and Public Health for Ecolab and currently is an Executive Board member of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP). In her current role, Dr. Petran provides technical expertise and consultation to internal and external customers on food safety and public health issues, by identifying and tracking emerging food safety trends and new control strategies. Dr. Petran is a certified food scientist with a bachelor's degree in Consumer Food Science from Cornell University, a master's degree in Food Science from the University of Minnesota, and a doctorate in Public Health from the University of Minnesota.

Jeremy Adler, PhD

Jeremy Adler, PhD

Jeremy Adler is a Senior Technical Support Coordinator for Ecolab. He provides sales, marketing, and research and development support for cleaning, sanitation, and antimicrobial solutions and their application systems designed to improve plan efficiencies and increase microbiological quality of meet products and production plant environment. He has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed publications in the Journal of Food Protection and Journal of Food Science.

Sima Hussein

sima hussein

Sima Hussein is the Director of Food Safety and Customer Standards for the Food Retail Services division of Ecolab.  She is trained in food science, food safety and microbiology. Sima joined Ecolab in 2013, and has been leading the training and customer standards (audit services) program for the last 3 years.

rick stokes

Rick Stokes is the Area Technical Support Manager in the Food and Beverage division of Ecolab. He has spent over 20 years in the food and beverage industry working in areas of quality, sanitation, thermal process, sanitary design and food safety. He joined Ecolab to lead the SEALS technical support group focused on troubleshooting customer’s biggest challenges in sanitation effectiveness.