Ecolab Irrigation Fluid Warming System with Healthcare Worker

Irrigation Fluid Warming for Hospitals

Even mild inadvertent hypothermia can increase post-anesthesia recovery time, blood loss, and morbid cardiac outcomes.  Ecolab's fluid warming solutions help ensure fluids are accurately held at the proper temperatures to prevent hypothermia in surgery.  Our innovative CoreTemp Fluid Management System also provides automatic and accurate volume tracking.

Fluid Warming Equipment Details

CoreTemp™ Fluid Management System

Twenty years ago, pulling saline bottles out of warming cabinets was the standard of care for fluid warming. Today, it is an open basin fluid warmer (ORS) in the sterile field. As an industry leader and  innovator in the open basin fluid warming space, Ecolab Healthcare is introducing our next-generation, open basin fluid management system, to help hospitals provide the best critical care possible. 

Track Fluid Volumes Automatically
Digital display shows irrigation fluid volume used in real time

Help Maintain Patient Temperature
The CoreTemp System is an essential component of a hospital's patient temperature management system

Accelerate Surgical Readiness
Ultra-fast heating of the fluid helps surgical teams set up quickly, especially for unplanned surgery

Reduce OR Traffic
Eliminates the distraction and traffic of OR nurses retrieving warm saline bottles during surgery

Replace Guesswork with Solid Data
Eliminate subjective and inconsistent "best guesses" on fluid volumes and temperature

Easily Follow Evidence-Based Standards
Simple and easy for nurses to follow best practice guidelines related to irrigation fluids

Help Mitigate Fluid-Related Risks
Help safeguard against fluid-related surgical risks and associated patient complications

Increase Sterile Confidence
Easy height adjustment, robust drape material and intelligent controls help prevent contamination in the sterile surgical field


ORS™ Fluid Warming Systems

The ORS™ Fluid Warming Systems from Ecolab® provides immediate access to warm irrigation fluid at a visible and controlled temperature to increase patient safety to reduce the risk of hypothermia.

1. Clear Sterile Drape

  • Single use, heavy-duty polyurethane drape
  • Conforms to the inside of the basin
  • Designed exclusively to work with the ORS Fluid Warming Systems

2. Fluid Basin

  • Multiple basin sizes offered to meet clinical needs and protocols

3. Temperature Control and Visible Display

  • Temperature setting can be adjusted and "locked"
  • Normal temperature range: room temperature to 120°F (49°C)
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 2°F

4. Portable Stand

  • Caster wheels allow for easy transportation and lock to minimize inadvertent movement


IntraTemp™ Fluid Warming System

The IntraTemp Fluid Warming System from Ecolab® provides immediate access to warm irrigation fluid at a visible and controlled temperature to increase patient safety to reduce the risk of hypothermia.

1. Easy Set Up and Operation with ThermaBasin™ Technology

  • ThermaBasin safely activates the warmer only when the basin is snapped into place
  • Large capacity basin is puncture-resistant, especially to surgical instruments
  • Volume graduation marks inside the basin assist in recording fluid volumes
2. Comply with AORN Standards for Temperature Control and Verification

  • Bright temperature reading can be seen underneath the drape
  • Visible display confirms the fluid temperature at point of use
  • Temperature can be set between 98°F (37°C) and 110°F (43°C)
  • Minimize the risk of patient injury due to exposure to hot fluids

3. Access Warm Irrigation Fluid Immediately

  • Continuously warm fluid for immediate access at the point of use
  • Two built-in pocket warmers warm extra fluid
  • Minimize the need to leave the operating room to retrieve warm bottles of solution
  • Eliminates labeling and rotating saline bottle inventory in warming cabinets 
4. Portable
  • Caster wheels allow for easy transportation and lock to minimize inadvertent movement

ORS Scope Warming featuring Scope Pillow Drape

ORS™ Scope Warming System
Featuring Ecolab® Scope Pillow™ Warmer Drape

Ecolab offers a simple, straightforward fluid bath system to warm scopes and prevent them from fogging.

This market leading system is now even better with the addition of the innovative Scope Pillow™ Drape. This unique drape securely cradles robotic scopes placed in the fluid warming system, protecting them from accidental tipping and falling. The Scope Pillow Warmer Drape technology helps ensure your expensive robotic equipment remains safe and secure.

1. Scope Pillow Warmer Drape

  • Scope Pillow cradles the scope while in the fluid warmer
  • Soft foam pillow is integrated into the sterile drape
  • Side guards prevent scopes from rolling or tipping

2. Scope Warmer Shelf Extension

  • Provides a platform to rest the Scope Pillow
  • Easily added to existing OR Solutions™ Fluid Warming System

3. OR Solutions Fluid Warming System

  • Simple, straightforward method for warming scopes
  • Maintains sterile water at a visible and controlled temperature
  • Easily holds multiple scopes during a procedure

CoreTemp Fluid Management System

Product Code Description Capacity/Case Qty
 CTWSL  CoreTemp Fluid Management Unit  5 Liter Basic Capacity
 CTD100  CoreTemp Fluid Warming Drape, 56" x 56", Sterile  24 per case
 CTD200  CoreTemp Fluid Warming Drape, 56" x 62", Sterile  24 per case


ORS Fluid Warming Systems

Equipment Model Basin Capacity Dimensions  Min. Fluid Level
 ORS-2038D*  3.8 Liters   11½" x 5 ¾" x 4" 0.5 Liters
 ORS-2057D  5.7 Liters  19 1/8" x 5¼" x 4"  0.75 Liters
 ORS-2066D  6.6 Liters  11½" x 9¼" x 4"  0.75 Liters
 ORS-2075D  7.5 Liters  14½" O.D. Round x 4"   1.5 Liters
 ORS-2094D  9.4 Liters  11½" x 9¼" x 6"  0.75 Liters

ORS Fluid Warming Drapes

Product Code Description Dimensions Case Qty
 ORS-100  Fluid Warming Drape  44" x 44"  24
 ORS-110  Fluid Warming Drape  48" x 48"  24
 ORS-300  Fluid Warming Drape  44" x 66"  24
 ORS-301     Fluid Warming Drape  52" x 66"  24
 ORS-188231  Fluid Warming Drape, Skirted  44" x 44" x 36"   24
 ORS-400  Scope Pillow Warmer Drape  44" x 66"  10

IntraTemp Fluid Warming System

Equipment Model Basin Capacity QTY
 TCT-6LW  6.0 Liters   1 each

IntraTemp Fluid Warming Drape

Product Code Description Basin Capacity Case Qty
 ITW6L  IntraTemp ThermaBasin™ Drape  6.0 Liters  5 / Case

Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Recommended Practices Committee. Recommended practices for the prevention of unplanned perioperative hypothermia. AORN J. 2007 May; 85(5): 972-988.

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