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With 1 in 3 births* in the U.S. being C-section it is more important than ever to support the family bond during birth and a healthy post-partum recovery. The Family Viewing C-Section Drape and IntraTemp Fluid Warming System work together to enable a cesarean procedure to be a safe and family-centered birth experience.


Note: Medical devices advertised here may not have been licensed in accordance with regional regulations or country specific (e.g. Canadian) laws.

Hospitals now have the option to offer families who have C-section births a clear drape during the procedure. While still protecting the sterile field, hospitals can support families who desire a gentle cesarean or family-centered birth experience. Mother and family are able to view the baby being born and witness its first breath and cry thanks to the large viewing window. The viewing window also has a blue curtain that can be brought up or down during the procedure as appropriate.
Crestwood Medical Center in Huntsville, AL has started offering this option.
Family Viewing C-Section Drape features:

• Large family viewing window (109" x 126")
• Clear peel back window can be positioned up or down
• Super absorbent reinforcement patch
• U-shaped fluid collection pouch with 2 drainage ports
• Incise adhesive area (14" x 12")
• Aperture (7.5" x 7.75")
• 2 cord holders

IntraTemp™ Fluid Warming System

The IntraTemp Fluid Warming System helps improve surgical outcomes and the mother’s recovery by providing access to warm irrigation fluid at a controlled temperature within the sterile field.


• ThermaBasin™ snaps into place to activate warmer
• Large 6.0 liter capacity basin is puncture resistant
• Continuously warms fluid for immediate use
• Two built-in pocket warmers
• Normal Temp. Range: Room Temp to 120o F
• Fluid Temperature Display


Expectant Mothers Want Birthing Options

ABC News recently featured various birth/delivery options. See what other leading hospitals are offering and how Ecolab’s Family Viewing Drape can be part of family-centered healthcare.