Labor and Delivery

Sterile Disposable Drapes

Our family viewing C-Section drapes are carefully designed with patient-centered care and clinical staff input. Our exceptional sterile disposable drapes offer effective fluid management for obstetrics, gynecological and C-Section procedures. Learn how our Family Viewing C-Section Drape and CoreTemp™ Fluid Management System work together to enable a safe and family-centered cesarean birth experience.​

Family-Centered Birth with Clear Drape C-Section

Hospitals now have the option to offer families who have C-Section births a clear drape during the procedure. While still protecting the sterile field, hospitals can support families who desire a gentle cesarean or family-centered birth experience. Mother and family are able to view the baby being born and witness its first breath and cry thanks to the large viewing window. The viewing window also has a blue curtain that can be brought up or down during the procedure as appropriate.


Family Viewing C-Section Drape Features:

• Large family viewing window (109" x 126")
• Clear peel back window can be positioned up or down
• Super absorbent reinforcement patch
• U-shaped fluid collection pouch with 2 drainage ports
• Incise adhesive area (14" x 12")
• Aperture (7.5" x 7.75")
• 2 cord holders

CoreTemp™ Fluid Management System ​

Maintain Patient Normothermia During C-sections

Even mild inadvertent hypothermia during surgery may increase post-anesthesia recovery time, blood loss and poor cardiac outcomes. The CoreTemp™ system quickly warms irrigation fluid to a known and controlled temperature and is the first and only open-basin system to include technology to automatically and accurately track fluid volume used during surgery. The system also is designed to heat fluids up to three times faster than other systems, enabling its use in urgent situations, such as emergency cesarean sections.