Robotic Assisted Draping Solution with larger abdominal fenestration

Robotic Assisted Surgical Patient Drapes

Microtek® has a long history of innovation in sterile draping designs. Our comprehensive line of robotic assisted surgical patient drapes offer our customers the necessary options to meet all their draping needs.
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Product Details

These advanced Robotic Assisted Surgical draping solutions offer many advantages:

  • Procedure appropriate fenestrations
  • Larger abdominal fenestration to accommodate unique positioning of robotic arms
  • Multiple cord holders to keep the surgical site organized and free of obstruction
  • Integration of Ecolab Microtek patented technologies including Perfect Pouch™ for optimal fluid control
  • Attached and separate legging options to meet clinical preference with ease and convenience
  • Dual instrument pouches

Note: Medical devices advertised here may not have been licensed in accordance with regional regulations or country specific (e.g. Canadian) laws.