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Vari-Lens2 with a full microscope

Vari-Lens2™ Microscope Equipment drapes

Inspiring confidence in microscope draping with improved visual accuracy Vari-Lens2™ maximizes resolution, minimizes glare and safely maintains the sterile barrier. Surgeons can now enjoy a new level of confidence and performance with these microscope drapes.

*Note: Medical devices advertised here may not have been licensed in accordance with regional regulations or country specific (e.g. Canadian) laws.

Product Details

"The lens housing was easier to put on, much easier than our current drape" - Darwin C., Surgical Tech

"The lens housing went on very smoothly and without any issues. The multiple polyties along the drape were very nice ad had convenient placement for easy securing." - Michael C., CST

Feature Benefit
Angled Glass Lens Provides a consistent sterile barrier
Maximizes optical clarity/image visualization
Friction-Fit Lens Housing Easy to apply and remove
Optimized Pattern Designs Ideal fit and freedom of mobility for scope head adjustment
Multiple poly ties and 10 rubber bands Quick drape application and ability to gather excess material
3 basic sizes for each brand of microscope Provides options based on preference
  • Higher scratch resistance (less tumble abrasion)
  • Improved light transmission (reduced scatter/interference)
  • Lower spectral reflectance (less glare)
  • Enhanced definition (resolution)
  • Larger objective lens cover is easier to grip and manipulate
See how Vari-Lens2™ Maximizes Resolution, Minimizes Glare and Safely Maintains the Sterile Barrier.
Vari-Lens2 is number one versus the competition in tumble abrasion


This test measures the scratch resistance of the lens surface using various types of abrasive materials. A higher test result means a higher quality lens that will resist abrasion and scratching.

Vari-Lens2 is number on versus the competition in light transmission

This test quantifies the portion of light that is transmitted through a medium without being absorbed or scattered. A higher test result means a higher quality lens that will not interfere with the amount of light passing through it.

Vari-Lens2 is #1 vs. the leading competition in spectral reflectance (glare)

This test uses a spectrophotometer to measure the consistency of the light reflected off of the surface of a lens. if various wavelength pass through the lens material differently , the image will be out of focus. A lower test result means a lens that will allow more light to pass through it.