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Healthcare Continuing Education

Discover how easy it is to have an Ecolab Account Executive visit your facility to preview Continuing Education programs for your staff.

  • Important educational content from these CE courses can be presented on-site at your facility
  • Each program provides two nursing contact hours and includes a 30-minute presentation followed by an online course


Environmental Hygiene In The OR (EnCompass and CleanOp Program)

O.R. Environmental Hygiene

  • Understand the role contamination plays in the transmission of HAIs
  • Discuss the latest research on environmental hygiene
  • Review new technologies
ORS Irrigation Fluid Warmer with Surgical Assistant preparting fluid

Role of Warm Irrigation Fluid in Maintaining Intraoperative Patient Normothermia

  • Identify common patient complications associated with unintended perioperative hypothermia
  • Review the clinical & economic benefits of maintaining normothermia
  • Role/best practices of intraoperative irrigation fluid warming in hypothermia prevention

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Patient Safety & Sustainability: The Grass can be Greener on the Other Side

  • Discuss current trends in healthcare sustainability in the OR
  • Describe how sustainability initiatives support patient and worker safety
  • Discuss how facilities can differentiate themselves with sustainability and identify communication resources/strategies for promoting sustainability practices

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Fast and Effective Cleaning Between Surgeries: A Practical Evidence-Based Approach

  • Discuss the importance of environmental hygiene in the O.R.
  • Describe a best practices protocol for cleaning the O.R. between cases based on the AORN recommended practices
  • Identify high touch objects (HTOs) and other areas in the O.R. that should be cleaned between cases