Ecolab Patient Temperature Management

Patient Temperature Management

Fluid warming is an essential component of maintaining a patient’s normothermia.

Current accepted practice in almost every surgical suite is to warm fluids in an open basin warmer to a known and controlled temperature and approximate fluid intake, output and blood loss during surgery. This approximation is used by the clinical team to make critical decisions, which may significantly impact patient outcomes and support hypothermia prevention. Precise fluid measurement is an important enabler of predictable and controlled patient outcomes, and our patient temperature management offerings and OR solution fluid warmers deliver the technology to digitally track irrigation fluid volume.

Ecolab CoreTemp™ Fluid Management System

Ecolab CoreTemp™ Fluid Management System

Elevating the Standard of Care for Hospitals​

CoreTemp™ Fluid Management System advances technology and innovation to support surgical staff with fluid management in the operating room. This system quickly warms irrigation fluid to a known and controlled temperature and provides data-driven volume tracking.

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