5 Common Signs That You Have Mice or Rats

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two norway rats (RATTUS NORVEGICUS) are common types of rodents

How do you know if you have a rodent issue? While seeing a live mouse or rat is an obvious sign of their presence, there are also other, some less obvious, indications that control needs to be taken. Read the 5 common signs that you have mice or rats:

1. A dead rat or mouse

  • This could a be sign of an old problem but an inspection should always be conducted to determine if an infestation exists.

2. Rodent feces or droppings

  • These are sure signs of presence. They are most likely to be found around food sources, trash areas, and in their runways to and from their nests.

3. Nests or piled nesting materials

  • These may be found in hidden areas; there will generally be a large number or droppings here as well.

4. Evidence of gnawing

  • With their sharp teeth, rodents can gnaw through wires, wood and insulation, and chew through cardboard, or even plastic and vinyl.

5. Greasy smudge marks and rodent hairs

  • As mice and rats travel through your facility, they leave these along the walls and in their paths.



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