How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

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Small flies on fruit.

Sanitation issues are a major contributor to fruit fly problems. Make sure the following actions are being taken to get rid of fruit flies:

  • Clean and sanitize floors and around drains, disposals, and sinks daily:
    • Inspect and sweep thoroughly under appliances, counters, and cook lines
    • Scrub floors using a stiff brush with an industrial floor cleaner. Squeegee all debris and dispose of in the trash; do not dispose of organic debris in drains
    • Mop the floor using an EPA registered sanitizer approved for food and non-food surface application
  • Clean drains weekly
    • Clean drains and traps using an industrial drain cleaner and a stiff long-handled brush
    • Use a “snake” device in clogged drains to clean out all gelatinous material
  • Dispose of rotting organic matter
  • Perform periodic deep cleaning beneath lines and equipment
  • Clean rags and mop heads daily and before storing

To prevent fruit fly problems, following the simple sanitation and structural recommendations listed below can make a big difference in avoiding a fruit fly infestation:

  • Inspect incoming fruits and vegetables for signs of rot and small flies, and cover them upon receipt
  • Store produce under refrigeration when possible, or in sealable plastic tubs
  • Rinse out empty bottles and cans, and clean garbage containers daily and use plastic liners.
  • Keep garbage areas clean and away from the building when possible; close receptacles with tight-fitting covers
  • Keep the exterior dumpster pad free of spillage and debris
  • Repair areas damaged by water
  • Eliminate standing water, weeds, and tall grass near the facility
  • Clear clutter and items stored on the ground
  • Inspect, seal, and maintain doors in good condition.
  • Keep doors closed, or use double-door vestibules, air doors, or plastic strip doors where needed
  • Install 20 mesh screens on any open windows
  • Eliminate interior standing water and accumulated condensation, and use fans in areas conducive to standing water
  • Replace cracked floor tiles and missing grout, and repair plumbing and drain problems
  • Regularly inspect for and repair cracks in flooring

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