Improving Cleaning Thoroughness in a Children's Specialty Hospital

How the Patient Room Program is Impacting What Matters

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A peer-reviewed study was recently published in the journal of Pediatric Quality & Safety that demonstrated the power of Ecolab’s Patient Room Program in a children’s specialty hospital, which cares for an especially vulnerable population where proper cleaning is of the utmost importance.

As a user of the Ecolab Patient Room Program, this hospital was able to showcase what they were able to accomplish using:

  • Ecolab provided training for EVS staff that ensures a standardized process is followed for a consistent clean
  • Ecolab’s DAZO® Fluorescent Marking Gel and Monitoring System that provides users with an immediate qualitative evaluation of cleaning processes and access to actionable feedback
  • Oxycide™ Daily Disinfectant Cleaner (EPA Reg. No. 1677-237), which enables a proactive environmental hygiene intervention against many pathogens of concern in hospitals, including C.diff

The combination of these tools enabled this children’s specialty hospital to increase and sustain high-touch surface cleaning reliability from 37% to 90% between 2016 to 2018. The study also notes that the elements of the Patient Room Program helped guide the hospital to a 65% decrease in healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) from 2016 to 2018, which contributed to an estimated $500,000 in cost avoidance for the organization between that same time period.

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