Making an Impact: Sascha Locher

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Antibacterial Pot and Pan Detergent Launch

In February, before the Coronavirus pandemic started to take hold in Europe, Chemist Sascha Locher had just finished developing a new two-in-one disinfectant cleaner for pot and pan and hard surface applications. Designed to significantly improve cleaning with enhanced antibacterial properties compared to its previous version, the product was nearly to the finish line when the coronavirus crisis hit. Production was planned, registrations were ready, and the team had even started discussions to launch and trial the product with potential customers after a successful product development phase. Then everything changed: the product launch plan and the state of the world.

Today, shifts in routines have become the norm. In the case of the pot and pan cleaner, instead of slowing down or stopping, Sascha and team took action, sped up testing to further virucidal capabilities, and as a result, were able to expand the claims for the new product rolling it out the under the name Aseptopol 76. As we’re all adjusting to tough challenges at work and at home, it’s important to learn from one another to better navigate changes while continuing to make an impact as best we can.

Changes at Work and Home

Navigating these extraordinary times with the changes of work and life is challenging. There are many ways we’re all experience changes: “I mean, none of us would have ever thought something like this would happen”, Sascha explains. “This COVID-19 situation requires a lot of us. For example, for most of us who work in a lab, doing work in your home kitchen is not an option. Finding slots to go in the office/lab, while trying to keep the people in the office to a minimum, but still delivering the results needed is tricky, but being able to manage it has showed that we are capable to manage any new challenges as team.”

Balancing responsibilities is also a big task when there are added demands. New and unfamiliar responsibilities have affected us all in unique ways. Sascha describes how he’s been affected by unfamiliar routines as a parent, “Our son’s school closed and he was forced to stay at home. I think everyone with children at home will know what we are going through. Suddenly, besides your day to day work, we became teachers. And this sometimes is not fun. First grade school material is not that difficult, but to convince a 6-year-old child that from now on you are going to be his teacher and that he has to do homework, might be. But, I’m focusing on how facing these challenges will help us grow as people and as families.”

There are many Ecolab team members who are also juggling parent and teacher responsibilities with work. Sascha has some words for the wise in navigating the ever-evolving state of the world that he’s applying to his daily life too: “Stay calm. This is what I have been learning these days. There are solutions for everything and always a way to get things organized and done. As a family, we’re maintaining normal day to day habits, and we’re able to navigate quite well through this situation. For us in R&D this would mean still keeping the focus on offering solutions to ensure customers and end consumers are receiving safe food, moving through safe environments and most important having a good feeling when working with Ecolab. I think every Ecolab associate is providing this impact daily, and I really look forward continuing to be a part of it.”

New Routines and Everyday Changes will Challenge Us

Now more than ever, food safety is one of the most critical aspects in our customers’ operations. The staggering feat the Ecolab team was able to pull off to bring the Aseptopol 76 product to life was truly amazing - and being able to do so among the shifting priorities of life is even more so. We're proud of Sascha and the team’s commitment to making an impact.

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