A Review and Comparison of Healthcare Environmental Hygiene Monitoring Methods

EVS cleaning patient room and bathroom

Ecolab recently hosted an interesting webinar on the different methods that hospitals can use to evaluate the thoroughness of healthcare environmental hygiene.  Linda Homan, a registered nurse who is board certified in infection control and has been active in the field of infection prevention and control for over 25 years led the presentation.  In it, she:

  • Reviewed and compared environmental monitoring methods that are available today
  • Discussed professional guidelines related to environmental hygiene in healthcare
  • Compared and contrasted direct observation, culture, ATP testing and fluorescent markers 

The topic of environmental hygiene monitoring methods is an especially useful and timely one for environmental services (EVS) leadership, infection preventionists (IP) and other healthcare professionals with an interest in understanding environmental monitoring methods in healthcare environments.

Linda's presentation was recorded and is available to you on-demand.  To access this free resource simply complete this form. 

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About the Author

Linda Homan headshot

Linda Homan

Linda Homan, RN, BSN, CIC, Sr. Manager Clinical Affairs

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