Helping Restaurants Thrive in a New Foodservice Landscape

Women eating at a restaurant post pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the restaurant and foodservice industry, causing rapid restructuring of business models as well as new solutions and processes to ensure employee and guest safety.

Evolving sanitation demands and a new emphasis on off-premises consumption, have given operators more challenges than ever before. Protecting brand reputations while delighting guests and optimizing operations has never been more of a juggling act which will likely continue after the pandemic. 

An Ecolab post-COVID-19 vaccine consumer research study found that 95% of consumers want to see as much or more cleaning and sanitation practices after vaccination1. Here’s how operators have been adapting to this call for a higher level of cleanliness and how their operations will continue to change as restaurants continue to expand their offerings and increase business.


Creating Peace of Mind

Operators are paying special attention to ensuring consumers can see what’s being done. This includes visual markers, such as cleaning timetables and signage indicating new cleaning procedures. Strategically placed hand sanitizer stations can also make a difference, along with the sight of employees cleaning surfaces. In short, it is now more important than ever for restaurants to show that they are clean, so guests can trust they are doing their part to help reduce the risk of COVID-19.


Using the Right Products and Services 

Food safety has always been important to running a successful restaurant, but the pandemic has made it even more of a focal point.

Ecolab’s experience, expertise, proven products and targeted programs have helped guide restaurant operators through the pandemic and will continue to help businesses sustain strong operations. Our innovative products simplify cleaning procedures and help ensure compliance. Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer, for example, has a 15-second kill claim against the virus that causes COVID-192, and can clean and sanitize in just two steps.

Ecolab experts work to solve complicated cleanliness and sanitation challenges for a wide range of restaurants, with field teams available for immediate support virtually 24/7. To meet new challenges, we provide specially-tailored programs, such as EcoSure’s Takeout & Delivery Assessment Program, which helps restaurants overcome takeout and delivery obstacles while also coaching restaurants to create a strong food safety and public health culture.


An Evolving Industry Requires Agility

Ultimately, the pandemic has shown restaurants the importance of being prepared for disruption. It can come in many forms, requiring businesses to be agile and adapt quickly to changes. As we look to better days ahead, it’s important for businesses not to become complacent—and to have a partner they can depend on. Ecolab will continue to be a resource restaurants can lean on for sustainable success now and into the future.

1 Source: “Post-Vaccine Consumer Attitude Study;” January 5, 2021 (paid for by Ecolab)
2 When used as directed to label EPA Reg. No 1677-260.  

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