Food Safety Focus: New Normal Protocols – What stays and what goes?

PRESENTERS: Dr. Elaine Black and Ben Conway

Live Webinar

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 Ecolab experts, Dr. Elaine Black and Ben Conway

Get the facts straight from the top thought leaders in food safety!

Join us for a live session where Ecolab experts, Dr. Elaine Black and Ben Conway will answer your questions on topics such as:

  • What protocols are here to stay and what you can safely leave behind.
  • The most current CDC guidelines that you need to know.
  • How your safety protocols both BOH and FOH will have a significant impact on your brand reputation and customer perception.
  • How can you harness ROI in food safety investments such as on-the-go training, multi-use products that will improve your operational efficiencies and more.

This event is FREE for operators and is part of CREATE, the Future of Foodservice, powered by Nation’s Restaurant News.


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