How to Optimize Dry Scrubber Operations in Automotive Paint Booths

Live Virtual Panel Discussion

Join us on June 16 for a live panel discussion for the Automotive and EV industries: Our experts will share best practices to minimize defects and maximize throughput in a dry scrubber system, beginning with plan design through start-up and full-scale production.

Inside an automotive paint booth

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Dry scrubbers have risen in popularity, dominating new Automotive and Electric Vehicle booth start-ups in recent years. Whether you’re converting from wet to dry, or starting fresh, new systems create new challenges to maintaining first-time quality, efficiency and throughput. 

Nalco Water and Abednego partner with OEMs around the world to start-up and manage automotive paint booths, including wet and dry scrubber systems. As new scrubber systems are introduced to the market, we’ve been at the forefront of helping our customers optimize these systems to maintain performance while balancing the sustainability aspects of their operations.

Our panel understands day-to-day paint booth operations combined with deep filtration knowledge that can maximize performance in a dry scrubber. In under an hour, you’ll learn:

  • What is a dry scrubber and how does it operate?
  • Dry vs. wet
  • Design considerations for operation
  • Start-up considerations for optimization
  • Environmental, safety and sustainability considerations


Meet the Panelists

Jason Soppe headshot

Jason Soppe 

Business Development Manager, Nalco Water
Expertise in automotive paint booth operations, including dry scrubber optimization

Mounir Slama headshot

Mounir Slama

VP, Global Sales Finishing, Columbus Industries

Expertise in dry scrubber filtration

Janet Kirckman headshot

Janet Kirkman 

Senior Marketing Manager, Nalco Water

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