2023 Water Technology Conference

LOCATION: Nalco Water Campus | 1601 W. Diehl Rd. Naperville, IL 60563

The Nalco Water Technology Conference explores sustainable solutions for Managers who are responsible for the performance of their water utility systems. To help understand how decisions about water treatment, monitoring, and control impact their ability to meet their company’s goals while managing resource constraints.


Program Details

The mechanical, operational, and chemical stresses on water systems and the problems they cause — scale, corrosion and microbial fouling — have never changed. The pressures and stresses placed upon the managers of water systems have changed. The Nalco Water Conference explores options for water system managers who need to understand how decisions about water system treatment, monitoring and control impact their ability to meet their company’s goals and objectives.

Water system managers today find themselves trying to achieve better performance and lower costs with fewer people and resources. The Nalco Water Conference delivers insights and ideas for how to use water treatment as a tool to achieve your corporate goals.

Essential For:
Managers who are seeking sustainable solutions to improve utility  water system performance and that have both resource constraints and environmental challenges. 

Why Should You Attend?

  • Refresh your knowledge of current technologies to manage critical water related assets
  • Network with industry leading Research and Technical experts within Nalco Water
  • Network with peers across various industries and regions
  • Strategies to garner additional value from your Nalco Water partnership
  • Explore solutions to drive deeper insights, faster action and create greater value across your enterprise
  • Making water more than “fit for use” in your plant
  • Overview of Cooling Water, Boiler, Wastewater, and pretreatment system fundamentals
  • Lowering water systems performance and Safety risks
  • Tools and technologies to assist in meeting your production and sustainability goals
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Event & Location Details

The 2023 Water Conference will be held in Naperville, Illinois, at the Nalco Water Campus facility.  We have secured a hotel room block with discounted lodging accommodations at the Chicago Marriott Naperville hotel.    

Registration is required as the number of attendees is limited to ensure a quality experience. The registration fee covers the Conference in-person classroom sessions and materials, meals on-site at the Naperville campus, transportation to/from hotel and Nalco Water Naperville campus, and the evening event.

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