Our Businesses

Diverse corporations worldwide look to us to deliver customized solutions and services. Harnessing innovative water, hygiene and process technologies and services, we help our customers reduce operational costs, improve product quality, enhance profitability and conserve natural resources. 

Nalco Water, Who We Are

The world’s leading provider of water treatment and process improvements, Nalco Water partners with customers who seek innovative solutions for water and resource constraints. As an Ecolab company, we’re perfectly aligned with the corporate vision to be the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technology and services, providing and protecting what is vital.

Water Treatment Equipment Resources

Nalco Cal Water LLC

Serving the West Coast is Nalco Cal Water, located in Orange County, CA. Cal Water has been selling, installing & servicing water purification systems for commercial, industrial & scientific applications for over 65 years.

Nalco Crossbow Water LLC

Based in Chicago, Nalco-owned Crossbow Water serves the Midwest region and beyond with industrial water pretreatment equipment solutions customized to meet your specifications.

Res Kem LLC

Based in the Philadelphia region, Nalco-owned Res-Kem LLC serves the Eastern Region. For over 30 years, Res-Kem has provided the systems, services and parts required to keep your water treatment equipment operating at peak efficiency, producing water meeting your exacting requirements.


Based in Chicago, CHEMStaff are industry experts providing consulting services to the global power industry.  

Managed Operations and Engineered Solutions

Abednego Environmental Services LLC

Based in Michigan, USA,  Abednego is a leader in engineering and onsite Automotive plant operations, with over 25 years of experience in managing process water and air systems in the Transportation Industry.