How Digital Twins reduce energy cost and emissions for utility systems

Siemens and Ecolab - accelerating sustainability together

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In a time of high energy costs and increasing efforts to fight climate change, the process industries are under pressure to reduce emissions. And there is still potential for further reductions with minimal capital or no investment.

This webinar describes how the combination of equation-based optimization technologies and a next-generation digital application framework enables easy application of fast, robust online site energy optimizers. Such optimizers can be deployed rapidly and effectively to cut emissions and energy costs by 2-5% every day, thereby making a major and immediate contribution towards Operational Excellence and sustainability objectives.

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Ecolab explains how its partnership with Siemens has created a scalable and rapidly deployable decarbonisation solution for its industrial customers: Climate Intelligence. By combining the expertise of both Nalco Water and Siemens, the water-centric digital twin now gives customers the opportunity to address emissions reductions through smart water management while simultaneously reducing operating expense. This solution can be implemented immediately, has a short payback period, and will help operators make a meaningful step to achieving 2030 CO2 reduction targets.

What this webinar covers?

  • The challenges of operating utility systems at minimum cost
  • Introduction to a digital twin approach
  • Overview of the gPROMS Utilities solution
  • Workflow steps for applying a utilities optimizer digital twin
  • Industrial implementation, showing visualisation of results including operator dashboards, ‘profit gap’ displays and recommended operator actions
  • Siemens Ecolab strategic partnership with Climate Intelligence 

Featured Programs

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Climate Intelligence

Climate Intelligence is a digital solution that helps industrial businesses reduce carbon emissions and lower costs by optimizing the way water transports and transfers energy in their operations. 

Meet The Presenters

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Neil Davidson, Marketing Director, Ecolab

Neil Davidson is the marketing director for Ecolab’s “Nalco Water” Downstream business unit. He is a Chemical Engineer having studied a combined chemical engineering and environmental law degree at the University of Surrey. Neil has been responsible for the development of Climate Intelligence, from ideation through to market launch over the past 3 years and is leading the Ecolab-Siemens partnership. Neil has over 20 years’ experience with Nalco, having lived and worked in several countries, predominantly in commercial and business marketing roles within the heavy industry. Neil is leading the expansion and development of Climate Intelligence across industry, with a global reach leveraging expertise in both Ecolab and Siemens.

Siemens Sr Consulting Engineer

Dr Lorena Souza, Senior Consultant Engineer, Siemens

Dr Lorena Souza is a Senior Consultant Engineer at Digital Application team at Siemens. She is a Chemical Engineer with a PhD from Imperial College London, MSc, and Bachelor from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She has more than 10 years of experience on design and optimisation of industrial processes and Thermophysical property data, with a focus on gas separation processes technologies, and carbon capture and storage technologies. Over the last 4 years, since joining Siemens, she has been responsible for leading the installation and deployment of digital application solutions including projects on soft-sensing, real time optimization and parameter estimation. Her responsibilities include digital application solution architecture, acquisition and processing of plant data, configuration of digital application and design and implementation of user interfaces.

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