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Zone transitions are a critical risk point for microorganism transfer in dry and semi-dry environments and low or no moisture environments limit intervention methods, making control challenging.  In addition, high labor turnover requires constant training on proper protocols and SSOPs, while increasing regulatory scrutiny demands robust mitigation strategies to manage the complex food safety risks.
In this webinar you will:

  • Learn the different characteristics of low care or non-manufacturing areas, medium care or general GMP and high care or primary pathogen control areas
  • Comprehend the challenges with zone transitions
  • Understand the sources of bacteria and their vectors of movement within the manufacturing environment
  • Review best practices to manage people, ingredients and equipment movement as well as for shoe hygiene, hand hygiene and gowning practices
  • Discover six action items you can take today to manage your risk

Meet the Presenters

Dr. John Hanlin – VP Food Safety, Ecolab | Moderator

Jesse Hines – Sr Industry Technical Consultant, Ecolab North America

Adam Ruskin – Area Technical Support Manager, Ecolab Europe

Dr. Jeff Kornacki – Food Safety Microbiologist


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