3D TRASAR Solid Cooling Water Brick

3D TRASAR™ Solid Cooling Water Program

Rethink your cooling water treatment with our safe, simple and sustainable solid water treatment solution. Our patented 3D TRASAR™ automation technology reduces operating costs and extends asset life with real-time measurement and 24/7 oversight of your cooling water treatment.

Our solid chemistry is packaged as dry bricks and canisters, eliminating the need to haul heavy pails or measure and handle liquid chemistries. 

Filling the dispensers is as simple as taking a conveniently shaped brick and placing it in or using our no-touch Lock & Drop system for biocides. Our dispensers are non-pressurized which results in a safer more reliable method of delivering our best in technology.
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Rethink Your Cooling Water Treatment

SAFE: Protect your people and equipment.

SIMPLE: Increase operating efficiency.

SUSTAINABLE: Reduce water, energy and waste.

Solid Water Treatment Provides Simple, Safe Delivery

Demonstration of before and after 3D Trasar Solid Cooling Water Treatment

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Automation Platform

Critical decisions require round-the-clock access to information from all your sites...even your most remote operation. Our game changing automation platform gives you the power to accelerate your journey towards worldwide system assurance.

3D TRASAR™ Solid Cooling Water Program

Our Solid Cooling Water Program saves water and energy and delivers a smaller environmental footprint.