3D TRASAR™ Technology for Membranes

We’ve pushed far beyond traditional performance boundaries to help you maximize your Reverse Osmosis production while minimizing your environmental footprint with the 3D TRASAR™ Technology for Membranes. This integrated solution is comprised of a flexible on-site control platform and our remote Ecolab Global Intelligence Center designed to leverage Nalco Water's best automation and treatment programs to provide measurable results that improve your bottom line

What Does 3D TRASAR™ Technology Do?

Detects and monitors critical operating parameters in real time, allowing you instant access to system information anytime, anywhere.

Determines and executes the correct response to dynamic system changes as they occur

Delivers operational and economic benefits 24/7/365 for unprecedented environmental return on investment (eROI)

  1. Minimizes waste and water use through improved recovery
  2. Saves energy by maximizing throughput and minimizing downtime
  3. Proactively addresses a variety of water quality challenges to maximize your process and product quality
  4. Minimizes maintenance costs by control and optimization of the treatment program and potentially increasing membrane life by reducing cleaning frequency.
  5. Reduces risk of accidental chlorine damage to membranes by continually monitoring changes in ORP and responding to accidental spikes.
  6. Collects operational data for RO system performance analysis 
3D TRASAR™ Technology for Membranes

3D TRASAR™ Technology for Membranes offers many of the same benefits that you have come to expect from the 3D TRASAR™ brand with proactive on-line monitoring, control and support. In addition, this solution a new level of value in the membrane application area leveraging advanced analyzing and trending performed by the Ecolab Global Intelligence Center team.

Success Stories

The 3D TRASAR™ for Membranes program has been successfully implemented across a wide variety of industrial processes. From the power plants of the midwestern United States to the wastewater processing facilities of Spain, Nalco Water has created a total care RO offering that is helping save the world’s water!