AccuPro™Chlorine Dioxide Program

AccuPro™ Onsite Chlorine Dioxide Generation Program

With ever stricter regulatory requirements, increasing production demands and greater focus on maximizing quality while optimizing cost, plant managers are looking for ways to enhance system performance and production reliability.  Nalco Water understands the operational challenges you face and has designed their new AccuPro™ chlorine dioxide program to deliver three key values – Safety, Reliability and Sustainability.

The AccuPro™ Program Addresses Your Operational Challenges

On-site Generation of Chlorine Dioxide

  • Precursors have NSF Standard 60 certification
  • On-site Generation Equipment has NSF Standard 61 certification

Enhanced Feed and Control

  • Online, real-time monitoring and control of system performance results in treatment assurance

Data Intelligence

  • Local visibility to crucial alarms directly on the HMI
  • Remote system monitoring via performance dashboard website
  • 24/7 data tracking of ClO2 levels, flow rate, pH and temperature
  • In upset situations, an alert message would be sent to the Nalco Water sales representative or the local plant operator for immediate corrective action

Service Protocol via Total Care Program

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Preventive maintenance: Yearly and every six weeks
  • Spare parts and maintenance items included

Safety Program

  • Start-up and annual operator training

Nalco Water has 20 Years of Experience With On-site Chlorine Dioxide Generation


AccuPro Total Care Service Equipment Image

AccuPro Total Care Service

Nalco Water has developed the Total Care Service program to help you maximize the benefits of the AccuPro™ Program.
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Chlorine Dioxide Advantages in Industrial Applications

Better Performance, Lower Dosage = More Cost Effective Program