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Advanced Polymer Activation Systems

Nalco Water’s Advanced Polymer Activation Systems (ADPAS) are patented, automated solutions for dispensing and activating dry powdered polymers (ADPAS Dry) and inverse emulsion latex products (ADPAS Liquid) used in industrial wastewater treatment applications. 


For Dry Powdered Polymers

Our innovative equipment and packaging helps to reduce total cost of operation and supports workplace safety and hygiene by optimizing polymer activation with dust-free packaging and dispensing. 

ADPAS Dry Features and Benefits

  • Reliable, high-efficiency polymer activation and delivery
  • Compact, low maintenance
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Award-winning chemistry packaging that is safe to handle and dust-free
  • Helps reduce total cost of operation up to 20%*
  • Automation and remote access to operational data, along with monitoring through the Ecolab Global Intelligence Center provides advanced operational integrity. 

*Source: Ecolab internal studies. Results may vary due to factors outside of Ecolab’s control.


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ADPAS Liquid Unit

For Inverse Emulsion Latex Products

Using precisely heated water, high shear mixing and a two-step serial dilution process, ADPAS Liquid can produce flocculant at or near 100% activation for improved profitability, productivity, reliability and environmental compliance. 

ADPAS Liquid best-in-class technology: 

  • Provides nearly 100% polymer activation
  • Reduces dosing by up to 60%
  • Eliminates or reduces seasonal variability
  • Improves dewatering and clarification characteristics
  • Digitally connected: allows for online trending, alarms, remote process changes and inventory management
  • Provides flow assurance
  • Reduces water consumption
  • Increases plant throughput
  • Improves cake solids
  • Compatible with existing systems – no additional equipment required


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Integrated Steel Mill circumvents supply chain restraints with ADPAS Liquid and saves $52.5K annually 


Integrated Steel Mill sees $528,800 in total value delivered with ADPAS Liquid


Nalco Water’s patented advanced polymer activation system, ADPAS Liquid, achieves near 100% flocculant activation—decreasing flocculant dosing by 30-60%

AmeriStar Award

Nalco Water Receives 2019 AmeriStar Award for Packaging Innovation

The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) presented Nalco Water, an Ecolab company, with an AmeriStar Award in the Industrial/Commercial category for its Advanced Polymer Activation System. The patented unit offers an automated solution for dispensing powdered chemistry in wastewater treatment applications.


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