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Medi-Stat Antimicrobial Soap 540mL Disposacare Bottle


Medi-Stat is a mild Healthcare Personnel Hand Wash containing 0.5% Chloroxylenol (PCMX) as an antimicrobial active. Medi-Stat contains aloe vera to help moisten and soothe skin during frequent use.

Product Details

  • 0.5% Choroxylenol (PCMX) formula
  • Effective against CRE (Drug resistant Bacteria)
  • Enriched with moisturizers and emollients to help prevent dry and cracked skin
  • Available in foam and liquid formulas
Product Size Part Number Dispenser Type
8-1200 mL
6082719 Next Generation
(Manual & Touchfree)
10-1000 mL
61067102 Bullseye
12-540 mL DC 61048532 Disposacare
12-1000 mL DC 61067292 Disposacare
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