SPRAYSURE technology is both a treatment and process management approach developed for Continuous Casting and Hot Mill Rolling Contact Water Systems. SPRAYSURE is designed to provide water quality that will minimize nozzle fouling and blockages and provide system wide corrosion protection.

Product Details


• Optimize casting speeds

• Reduce caster breakouts due to poor water flow/or water cooling

• Minimize defects in the final product (billets, slabs, blooms, rounds, etc) due to low or uneven cooling

• Optimize segment life by reducing corrosion caused by acidic mold powder environment or water conditions

• Ensure Legionella risk is being minimized

Rolling Mills

• Ensure spray cooling nozzles are not plugged thereby optimizing roll cooling in the finishing train and laminar spray system

• Reduce TSS so that critical descaling pumps are not worn prematurely

• Ensure Legionella risk is being minimized