EnviroGreen 2600

The key to controlling coal dust is to effectively wet the surface of the material. This is difficult because coal is aggressively hydrophobic. Traditional dust control products use surfactant to overcome this hydrophobic phenomenon and wet the material. However, without the addition of an expensive binding agent, dust control only lasts until the water dries. We’ve combined the power of surfactants with an affordable binder that also offers humectant characteristics to create EnviroGreen 2600

The effectiveness of EnviroGreen 2600 starts by utilizing an industry leading surfactant to effectively wet hydrophobic coal surfaces. The product also contains our SurfaceBond additive to combat absorption and keep the dust control product on the surface of the coal where it can be effective. Finally, the humectant binding agent locks small particles that could become airborne to larger particles in order to control dust at the point of application and beyond. EnviroGreen 2600 is safe, renewable, has considerable BTU value and is most importantly a powerful dust control agent.